Recipe Review-Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

On our dinner menu for the week of June 1st we tried outa Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas recipe from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen.

Image From Mrs. Criddle's Kitchen

The recipe was pretty easy to follow. The recipe doesn’t tell you how to cook your chicken. I had already de-thawed my chicken breasts so I cook them on the stove using a bit of olive oil. I had my two year old help me mix up the ingredients which she enjoyed and the recipe is simple enough for her help.

As I was putting the chicken into the shells I realized there would not be as much chicken as I would like. If I would have stuffed them pretty full we would have had enough for about 4 enchiladas. So I would have made a few more chicken breasts.

I also, would have used about half of the ingredients for the sour cream sauce. It made quite a bit of sauce and I hot about half of the sauce left over. c

Overall, we really enjoyed this recipe. My husband said he wanted more pizzazz, but he likes things pretty spicy, for me it was just right. We will definitely add it to the rotation.

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