Meal Plan – January 5th-11th

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Welcome to 2015! I got a bit off track the last half of the year, but I’m here and trying to do my best in 2015! I hope that you will follow along and share your life with me as I do the same.

I realized last year that when life got busy and I stopped meal planning we spent WAY too much money on groceries each week and threw a ton of it away. I can’t even tell you how much money we save when we go to the store with a plan.

I am leaving on a missions trip the Dominican Republic this week so meal prep is in short order and my mom has decided that she misses cooking or a certain daughter asked her to make her food :) So she has gracefully obliged and is making us White Chicken Chili on Tuesday.

Here is my meal plan for the week. Let me know what is on your schedule or if you are going to start meal planning in 2015!

Meal Plan Schedule 110514

Meal Plan Schedule 110515

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