DIY Wood Slat Mirror

This spring weather is amazing! Even if it only lasted one day…I got outside and made a Wood Slat Mirror during naptime. Quick and easy and beautiful! Here is the tutorial so you can make one for your house. I originally found this project on one of my favorite blogs You should check them out! This is my own take on the project.

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The cost was under $30 and was one of the simplest DIY projects I’ve done.


I bought the mirror at Target for $19.99. Any mirror would do I just thought this was a cool shape. If you purchase a different mirror just adjust the dimensions of the measurements below to match.

I bought (2) 1″x4″s and (1) 1″x6″ and cut into 25.5″ length with my table saw and arranged in the order below.


I got to use my new gift from my husband the Kreg Jig! I have been begging for this for months and I finally got to use it! YAY!!!!!!(feel my excitement?) I had to read the instructions the first time but after I did it once it was so simple. The Kreg Jig is designed to make pocket holes in wood projects. I’m in love :)


I set the jig to make 1 1/4″ pocket holes into 4 pieces of the wood (the bottom piece of wood is upside down-I fixed that before screwing them together). Once I laid the wood out I used 1 1/4″ pocket screws to attach the pieces.


Once the pieces were attached I stained the wood with MinWax Red Mahogany stain. I let it dry for about an hour.


After it dried it’s time to hang the mirror. I used the center metal hanger that was already included on the mirror. I marked where I wanted to hang the mirror and then drilled in a screw. Attached the mirror and you’re DONE! So easy!


Main Pic2

I hope you like it! I think I already have some orders :) If you like it too please leave a comment on Pin by hovering over the picture or send me your pics on your DIY adventure.

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