DIY Easy Silhouette Art

DIY Easy Silhouette Art

I have been working on my daughter’s room (which seems to have taken an eternity) and it’s still not done…but I am making progress. I am working on a gallery wall and wanted a cute silhouette project. Oh course I can always cute out a simple silhouette put it in a picture frame and boom I’m done but that didn’t seem like enough. So I can up with the idea to use a hair bow to make the piece really stand out.

It’s really a simple project and takes about 5 minutes to create.

I used my Silhouette Design studio but you can simply find a silhouette picture on the internet and print it out. I opened the silhouette image in my design studio and cut it out.Silhouette Studio Print Screen

One it is printed out I glued the silhouette to a piece of cardstock. Then I used a hair bow that I found at Hobby Lobby, removed the hair clip and attached the bow to the silhouette using hot glue.

Remove glass from a picture frame. I used a white frame I had and spray painted it pink. Insert the cardstock silhouette and that is it. Like I said super easy!

DIY Easy Silhouette Art

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