A Place to Hop

Here’s to the first post of the new blog! Excited to be sharing life’s experiences and DIY projects with you. I’m hoping to share my journey of life and my grasshopper skills.

What is a grasshopper? Definition: One who bounces from thing to thing (definitely not the Webster’s dictionary definition).

My mom has called me a grasshopper for years. I love to learn new things and get my hands dirty. I’ve tried everything from knitting, to cake decorating, building furniture and more. The plan is to share my day to day life.

We moved into a new house a few months ago and I am trying to get it decorated to our style and making it into our home. We are on a budget as most families and we are trying to keep things cheap but beautiful. That is where DIY and Pinterest come in! Follow along and we will make some beautiful décor together.

Feel free to share your life experiences with me and even posts photos along the way. I hope this will be a great place for my family to look at and see how far we’ve come together but also a place for you to find tips, projects, and maybe even some useful advice.

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